Customer Focused >>> Structured Approach >>> On-spot Delivery


ALIRI is a customer-centric company that uses a structured approach to achieve on-spot delivery. Our team of highly skilled professionals has extensive experience in data integration, enterprise architecture, and automation. We offer efficient technology-based solutions tailored to our customer’s needs and have a proven track record of delivering results on time and within budget. Our on-spot delivery allows us to be present with our customers and provide them with the support they need to ensure project success. We offer a unique combination of expertise, experience, and a structured approach to delivering results.

About the team

Mats Arvendal

Mats Arvendal, IT architect and founder

At ALIRI, our founder, Mats Arvendal, is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in data integration, enterprise architecture, and automation. He also has the dedication to creating efficient technology-based solutions that effectively meet the needs of businesses

Mats have:

  • Many years of experience in integration, software development, strategy, architecture, IT management, and leadership in large international companies
  • Held various roles such as Chief Architect, Global Integration Manager, Program Manager, Team Manager, and Project Manager
  • Experience leading large international teams and managing multiple suppliers
  • Certifications in Enterprise Architecture and Project Management

Mats is known for:

  • Taking full responsibility for delivering results through strategic and tactical planning and hard work
  • His deep technical know-how, forward-thinking approach, and excellent leadership skills
  • His ability to understand the inner workings of large organizations and successfully navigate the challenges they face

To see a complete list of recommendations, please visit Mats’ LinkedIn profile.

E-mail: mats.arvendal@aliri.se
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/matsarvendal
CV: https://aliri.se/mats-arvendal-cv-english/

About the name ALIRI

ALIRI comes from the Esperanto language, a constructed international auxiliary language. The Esperanto word ALIRI means “to approach” or “to come closer to.” Therefore, the company name ALIRI implies that it is focused on bringing its clients closer to their goals by providing efficient and forward-looking solutions.

ALIRI stands for approach, progress, and efficiency in the company context. The company’s vision is to help clients achieve their goals by providing cutting-edge solutions to improve efficiency and drive improvement. The name ALIRI reflects the company’s commitment to helping clients achieve their goals and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing business landscape.