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Select and Setup EA Tool

Service: Select and Implement an EA Tool

We have experience in selecting and setting up an EA Tool. This can be a potent tool for an organization.

  1. Define Requirements:
  • Identify the needs of your organization and the specific requirements for the EA tool
  • Evaluate the existing IT infrastructure and determine the scope of the EA tool implementation
  • Define the goals and objectives for the EA tool, including the types of analyses and reports required
  1. Research and Select an EA Tool:
  • Research available EA tools that meet your organization’s requirements
  • Evaluate the features and capabilities of each tool against your organization’s requirements
  • Select the EA tool that best meets your organization’s needs
  1. Plan the Implementation:
  • Develop an implementation plan that outlines the steps required to set up the EA tool
  • Define roles and responsibilities for implementing the EA tool
  • Identify any potential risks or issues that may arise during the implementation
  1. Set Up the EA Tool:
  • We support the installation and configuration of the EA tool in your infrastructure
  • Define the EA tool’s data model, including the types of data and relationships that will be modeled
  • Set up access controls and security measures to protect the EA tool and its data
  1. Populate the EA Tool:
  • Import existing data from other sources into the EA tool
  • Manually enter additional data as needed
  • Verify that the data is accurate and up to date
  1. Integrate the EA Tool:
  • Integrate the EA tool with other IT systems and applications as needed
  • Ensure that the EA tool can access and use data from these systems and applications
  • Test the integration to ensure that it is working as expected
  1. Train Users:
  • Provide training and support for users working with the EA tool.
  • Develop training materials and documentation to help users understand the features of the EA tool.
  • Address any questions or concerns that arise during the training process.

Reference: Selection and implementation of EA tool for Polestar

Service: EA Framework Support

We have experience working with EA frameworks such as TOGAF.

But also with lightweight frameworks such as EA-on-a-page, a pragmatic framework that takes the best from the vast frameworks.

Service: Information Architecture Support

By having reasonable control of Master Data in your organization, you lower the risk of bad quality and increase the company’s agility.

We have experience setting up MDM platforms in modern microservices environments.