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OICP and Truck Charging

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as the world moves towards renewable energy. This is especially true for the trucking industry, where electric trucks are considered an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel-powered vehicles. However, for electric trucks to truly become a viable option, we must have a robust charging infrastructure. This is…
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Electric Trucks vs Electric Cars

Working with both Electric Trucks and Electric Cars makes it interesting to discuss their similarities and differences. Electric cars and trucks offer numerous benefits over their traditional fossil fuel-powered counterparts. However, several challenges must be overcome to embrace electric transportation fully. One of the main differences between electric cars and electric trucks is the vehicles’ size…
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The importance of charging networks

As the push towards sustainability and renewable energy continues, electric trucks are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional diesel-powered vehicles. However, while electric trucks offer numerous benefits, including lower operating costs and reduced emissions, they have one major disadvantage: their range is limited by the amount of electricity stored in their batteries. This is…
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Exciting assignment within high-performance charging solutions

We are happy to announce a new assignment regarding supporting Volvo Energy with its modern architecture for charging solutions for the new electric vehicles in the Volvo Group. Volvo Energy is the newest business area in the Volvo Group, dedicated to accelerating the Group’s electrification and sustainability journey.

New assignment for Polestar

We are happy to announce that ALIRI has been selected to assist one of the most attractive automotive companies with its information landscape, integration strategy, and other strategic challenges in its digital roadmap.

Automation and Integration COE

We are happy to announce that ALIRI will assist a large service management company set up their combined Automation and Integration COE. ALIRI will use their experiences in managing a global integration team for several years and setting up a global RPA service. Automation and Integration goes well hand in hand if there are clear…
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